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Beautiful Black Brogue by Bestetti

Bet you didn’t realize that I made you use five ‘B’ words in a row when reading the title of this blog post in your head? I didn’t realize it either until the end of it and said to myself, ‘whoa, what a funny coincidence!’ Anyway enough being a five year old and onto these lovely stunners by my good friend Mr. Riccardo Bestetti. Starting this blog, 3.5 years ago, I did not much appreciate black shoes. Guess that I was trying too hard to be different. They still are not my favorite color by any means on a pair of shoes, but I definitely utilize them a lot more now that I live in London and find myself at more professional settings.

But I still maintain that a plain-jane boring black shoe is not something that I am that keen on. Does not mean that it can’t be clean and simple, but its details will have to be distinguishing to say the least, in order for me to fancy it. Now this pair here, a bespoke number by Bestetti clearly inspired by EG’s Brummel is a model that hits it on the head in all aspects. Not only is the last stunning as per usual, but the pattern is second to none, and while it might be seen as overkill to many of you, I quite like the additional brogueing incorporated. All those things combined make this a black shoe that I would be more than happy to wear, regularly and proudly! As always, I definitely appreciate seeing the bespoke shoes that others’ commission and this one here definitely has my stamp of approval.

Beautiful Black Brogue by Bestetti Beautiful Black Brogue by Bestetti

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      1. Thank you. The other day I was in our local shop and they had two versions of a bone brogue – one Loake the other Clark – Clark’s leather was quite heavy looking with an edge of distress but unlike these came off clunky. The Loake’s were incredible – much like these – incredibly graceful, fine looking not simply classic – unfortunately the ran much too large. I was trapped between sizes.

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