Riccardo Bestetti never ceases to amaze me with his artistic talents. Not only is his patina work on his uppers very beautiful but it would appear that he is taking it to the next level by matching (as best he can) that same patina on the soles of the shoes. While doing the soles is not something that will ultimately last, it still is a nice touch and beautiful to see. The only downside is that if it is too beautiful, one might feel bad ruining it. It then becomes better as a mantle piece. But hey, if you are spending more than 2000, I am sure that you won’t mind wearing it and partially destroying some of the beauty…. Anyway, the shoes presented are amazing as per usual and I am sure that all of your can imagine how much I love the color of the blue in the featured shoe. Such brilliant depth in the shading! Still waiting to see all of these people walking the streets of the world with all of the shoes that I have put on the blog….been a long time coming!

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend. Try to stay dry and warm!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Bespoke Bestetti blue patina monkstraps bespoke bestetti Bestetti brogues1 Bestetti brogues

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