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Those of you in the US might be familiar with the shoemaking culture that Mexico has had over the last century, but for of you on the other side of the planet, it might come as a surprise to know that in Leon, Mexico shoemaking has been thriving for many many years and clearly still continues with brands like Atelier Amareto†by Claudio Lopez. With Mexico’s proximity to the United States, it might not come as a surprise that a lot of what was coming out of Leon historically (at least what was being exported) were boots, namely cowboy boots. Pretty sure that the large boot company Frye was even making out of Leon (Mexico for sure, but thinking it must have been from Leon). And a lot of large brands that sell hundreds of thousands of shoes in the US, are making out of Mexico.


While some shoe snobs might turn their nose up to something non-European or something not quite as refined, I have to say that one must forget country of origin and look at price paid versus quality given. I see a lot of crap coming out of Europe but mentality that because it was made there that it must be ‘well-made’ is sadly still a brainwashed idea that exists. But someday soon, all of these barriers will come down and where one might have never thought good shoes could come from, a realistic awakening will hit them like a brick. All it takes is good leather and passion and with those a†well-made†pair of shoes can come from even Timbuktu!

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