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Hiro Yanagimachi 5

For many regular readers Hiro Yanagimachi will not need much of an introduction after taking the high end shoe industry by storm in the last few years, particularly with one of the best Instagram accounts out there constantly serving up things of beauty in image form.

The beauty about his visit to our London Super Trunk is that very rare that Japanese bespoke shoemakers actually visit Europe for trunk shows, which makes it extra special to haveHiro Yanagimachias part of this event. He is one of the pioneers of the new wave of Japanese bespoke shoemakers, having started his workshop in 1999, and today one of the most acclaimed bespoke makers in the world. Hiro Yanagimachi was trained in England and his shoes have a very classic, clean base, although among the wide variety of models they have made there’s also a lot of more special make-ups. I love the blend of the English shoe look paired with Japanese execution topped off with some very special design coming straight from Hiro’s brain, all to make one special shoe.

Hiro Yanagimachi 1 Hiro Yanagimachi 2 Hiro Yanagimachi 3 Hiro Yanagimachi 4 Hiro Yanagimachi 6

The past years he has worked to develop a new international last that is the foundation for his MTO and MTM/semi bespoke orders in Europe and the US. It’s a lovely elegant last with an almond shaped toe, made to suit European feet and coming with excellent arch support. Of course he also offers full bespoke with a totally personalized last. HIs MTO, which is 80%-90% handmade (hand welted, machine stitched outsole, square waist) starts at 1300/€1500, and for his 100% handmade MTO shoes (hand welted, hand stitched outsole, bevelled or fiddle waist) it costs about 340/€400 more. His MTM/semi bespoke starts at approximately 2100/€2400 (these prices are for first orders, consecutive orders about 700/€900 less. Note that the prices are including shipping but excluding any potential VAT and/or customs). If you want to order MTM reserve an appointment in also possible. For interest in full bespoke order, also send e-mail).

For those of you that have yet to see his beauties in person, it is yet just another reason to come!

Hiro Yanagimachi6 1781203_625631647490293_1010875865_o Gillie-2 Hiro Yanagimachi (2) Hiro Yanagimachi single monk strap Hiro Yanagimachi1 Hiro Yanagimachi2 Hiro Yanagimachi3 Hiro Yanagimachi4 Hiro Yanagimachi5

1 thought on “London Super Trunk Show — Brand Showcase #4 – Hiro Yanagimachi”

  1. As the recent and proud owner of a pair of adelaide’s from Hiro Yanagimachi, all I can say is WOW and when is the next pair ! For sure the Trunk Show is not to be missed nor are these magnificent shoes !

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