Medallions by Hiro Yanagimachi
It’s not so common for a maker to have a lot of medallions. I think for two reasons really, 1. Because they are not easy to design, be good and also something different than what everyone else has and 2. Because imagine if you had 9, like Hiro Yanagimachi here, how hard it would be to come up with a new model and then decide which of your 9 medallions would best suit the model. I think it would be quite hard to be honest, like picking your favorite jelly bean color! Nevertheless, I was quite impressed with this photo as not only did Mr. Yanagimachi have 9 but also had many that do not look like anyone else’s, including the very cool asymmetrical one on the bottom middle picture. I have never actually been a fan of asymmetrical ones before, until I saw this that has both symmetry and asymmetry to it. Very tastefully done. Always a hat off to Mr. Yanagimachi who seems to go above and beyond in the footwear world.

On another note, for those of you into bespoke trousers, Salvatore Ambrosi will be here in London (in conjunction with The Armoury) from this Friday/Saturday, hosting a trunk show at the Drake’s shop at 3 Haberdasher St, London N1 6ED. Contact  for more details or to make an appt.


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1 thought on “Medallions by Hiro Yanagimachi”

  1. I appreciate the subtle sapphic reference of the bottom left medallion especially compared to the phallic one I have on my loakes … Every time I wear them some one points out I have c&b on my toes!

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