Meermin Goes Green!

Meermin Goes Green!

For A/W18 Meermin Mallorca has a couple of green shoe options circulating in their current collections. It would appear that green shoes are getting more popular as I continue to see them across multiple brands from different countries and it is quite refreshing to see this occurence. A dark green leather IMHO is going to be a relatively versatile choice for your more smart casual wear. As you can see here it pairs well with denim. A smart pair of chinos will be equally complementary.

For too long the shoe industry has been stuck on the “common” colors and its good to see certain brands (if not many) branching out to the ‘abnormal’ color choices we all have on offer as brands. And as it appears that the world is shifting to more casualwear this makes it easier to incorporate the more challenging color options into one’s wardrobe in irder to complete their new casual and colorful outfits!

Meermin Goes Green!

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