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Black Friday is officially live at my shoe brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear.

We have several offers going on, so it is important to read here to understand the varying discounts and offers

  1. Our Flagship line, J.FitzPatrick, has 20% off all of the Core Models while offering 10% off the new arrivals from A/W2020.
  2. Our Entry level JF Line, has no discount but offers a free pair of our lightweight shoe trees with purchase (each pair purchased gets a tree to complement). This is a $60 value.
  3. Clearance Shoes at 40% off. These are models that will not return so best to grab these offers while they exist as the next chance at grabbing one would be at MTO pricing.

Some of our reorder stock is trickling in (there were massive delays due to Covid in production and shipping), but nearly everything will arrive within 2 weeks. We have indicated this directly on the product page, on the size of each one delayed.

Remember, all of our RTW shoes can be patina’d, for those of you wanting something extra special. The patina artist that we work with can do almost anything so feel free to add the patina and email us to get started with what you are envisioning. We have two prices, one for the standard patina ($140 shoes/$160 boots) and a simple toe/heel burnishing for $90. And that can also be a reverse burnish.

Happy Shopping and for any questions please do not hesitate to write to us at




4 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick – Black Friday Now Live”

  1. You have tons of videos and blogs of how great other brands are. Please tell about your core shoes. Why is your black Oxford any better than the 100 others?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Our specialty lies in our lasts and design details. Better is very subjective. Our lasts are made from the same body as a bespoke last that was made for me by Tony Gaziano. My foot is not standard so I standardized that last to create the base of my RTW lasts, keeping the same contours that make up the arch and shape. For many, not all, this gives great fit and comfort. As per design, well we were the first (in modern times) to use 3 rows for the stitching at each seam subtly intensifying the illusionnof the pattern, making each piece stand out more. Our strengths are in comfort and design.

      1. Thank you. I’m new to the world of shoes. My larger question is durability. I’ve read shoes from Churchs, Crokettt and Jones etc can last decades.
        By the way, you are quite humble in your blogs and videos. I’d like to hear about the quality aspects of your own brand. I’m thinking Magnolia will be good start for me for a first quality dress shoe.

        1. Justin FitzPatrick

          My pleasure. Durability is not something anyone can ever guarantee. Those who try are lying. I am not really so humble more just honest and realistic than most as I have no reason to lie. Durability has so many factors that weigh into it. Two people with the same shoes can have very different experiences on durability based on how that person uses the shoes, how many other shoes they have, the climate they live in etc. I dont hard sell my shoes. If you read my posts and understand my background, you will know that I work hard to make the best shoes that I can for the best price I can. I dont claim to make the best ones in the world. But I work hard to make the best ones I can from my supplier for the price I charge. I know you went to Style Forum. If you keep reading back pages you will find people commenting on the quality.

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