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I am not sure how popular the classic cap toe double monk is these days as it has been a trend now for longer than trends usually last, but when I saw this picture and all of the options, I was taken back to the idea of how nice a double monk can be, especially when you get to see in it in colors outside of black and dark brown. The picture is courtesy of Ascot Shoes is a UK based re-seller of VASS shoes (of Budapest) and what I love about that company is that they really specialize in offering made to order pieces which allows you to see things that are truly unique and different and they never fail to show me great stuff off of their Instragram account, such as this lovely photo of balmoral boots and monkstraps (and two oxfords). When seeing this, I ask myself, does this all belong to one client? Lucky guy if so!

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Jusitn, “The Shoe Snob”


2 thoughts on “Monkstrap Madness by Vass for Ascot Shoes”

  1. I don’t think double monks are a fad or a fleeting trend. I bought my first pair when I graduated and started work more than 25 years ago. I’ve had one or two pairs in the rotation ever since. And just about every premium RTW manufacturer offers the style. Past the fad stage, IMO.

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