It has been an interesting A/W for us at J.FitzPatrick Footwear and The Shoe Snob (same company). We did five new colors on our button boot model, the Westlake, as well as introduce our newly designed button shoe, the Aurora, but what I think what was most anticipated but also delayed by 2 months (due to leather issues) was our new Jodhpur boot, the Genesee. But thankfully it is now in stock (save a few pairs that we are still waiting on, imagine that!!) and ready to be purchased. For those that might miss it, what sets our Jodhpur boot apart from the rest was the design feature of the straps by having them come back on themselves to only cross around the back side of the heel as opposed to wrapping all of the way around. We felt that not only would this feel more comfortable when walking/bending over but that it would leave a more elegant look across the front of the boot. We hope that you agree with our choice!
The brown version is made from our Rugged Brown leather which is an oil impregnated leather, much like Chromexcel from Horween, that effectively is?a supple yet durable and hard-wearing leather. However, its one effect that some might not like is that it is easily mark-able but at the same time is easily manipulated by the oil from your skin so the marks can be rubbed away. This is part of the appeal to this leather as it has a very beautiful, natural aging process and takes a brilliant shine. The brown version is on the NGT last and comes on the city rubber sole.
The other version was made with our new Mulberry calf which is a slightly thicker crust leather from Weinheimer tannery (where our black calf and scotchgrain is from, Germany). It also has a supple texture but will be slightly heavier in weight and feel than our typical Italian Crust. But the color comes out as a very rich burgundy/purple hue that is not often seen but that for me was the attraction to the leather. The Mulberry version is also on the NGT last but comes on the double leather sole.
***The Genesee will NOT be apart of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales commencing this Friday***
The countdown begins until the world goes mad and starts buying everything not only for the Holidays but just because there is a sale going on. And we take part in that by offering a 20% discount across both and . That also includes our core shoes and products such as the Magnolia oxfords, our Westlake button boot and our Ballard Chukka boot. It’s ALL ON SALE!! The only things excluded are our new Jodhpur boot as well as any bundled deals (on our accessories) that already have a discount on them as is.
The sale will start Friday Morning, the 25th, at 8am London Time Zone, and will finish Monday evening, the 28th, at 11:59pm US West Coast time (London 7:59am Tuesday).
Last but certainly not least we have teamed up with Massdrop once more to offer an exclusive deal on our Wedgwood balmoral boot. Coming in 3 colorways, Massdrop is offering this one time deal at $299.99 per pair, which is effectively a 36% discount off of retail price.
They Wedgwood will be offered on the city rubber sole and sizes will extend from UK5 all the way to UK12 with half sizes in between.
Have you yet to purchase a pair of our shoes, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, this is a good chance to experience the brand at a nice, discounted rate.

**Please note, that when purchasing with Massdrop, all sales are final and the shoes sold by them are only dealt with by them and non-refundable/exchangeable with us***
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