It would appear that I spoke too soon. Just last week I wrote a post about how Covid has affected the welted shoe industry and that I was surprised at how few brands/shops went under, in this side of the industry. And this weekend, it was announced that Pediwear, a UK retailer of welted shoes for 46 years, is closing its doors once and for all. A real shame. And yet I completely understand. It has been tough. Truth be told, many of you stopped buying in the last 2+ years, and understandably so. Our world is fragile now. Most of us want to hold our money and make sure we have a safeguard to protect our family. And I agree 100%.

The sad part is that retail businesses that have large stockholdings rely on constant trade and if that slows up, bills get hard to pay and once those start compounding on top of each other it is a quick spiral downward towards bankruptcy and/or closure. While this is just speculation as it has not been officially stated why Pediwear is closing, I imagine this to be the case. Especially on top of Brexit where UK companies could no longer freely export out of the UK to the EU, tax-free to the consumer. And that is a huge blow. I know first hand, as I have lost 95% of my EU customers myself. No one wants to pay the criminal import fees that Europeans are charged. I wouldn’t either. I have seen those invoices and it is nothing shy of ludicrous.

So, as one does when they close, Pediwear is having a huge sale on all of their stock. That stock includes most of the entry-mid level British brands as well as the notable ones from Spain/Portugal, including Carmina, TLB and Carlos Santos. The stockholding is massive but of course a lot of the good stuff is random odd’s and end’s. You will be wise to use the size filter to know exactly what they have in their stock that is good for you. The discounts say up to 50% off but most of it is listed between 20%-30%. I imagine as time goes, this will get closer and closer to 70% but of course, should one wait for that low price stock, they do run the risk of slim-pickens.

Grab what you can, while you can!

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