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Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling have started their ‘End of Line’ shoe sale, by which they discount pairs that they would appear to be getting rid of, or at least for some reason are flushing out the stock. And there are a lot of great options there, including some of their super classic styles such as the Hayes and St. James II.

What I also noticed, is that the Gaziano & Girling ‘End of Line’ sale has different offerings whether you are purchasing online or in-store. But for those of you that cannot make it to London directly to acquire one of the in-store models, you can always email/call them up and do a direct purchase via mail-order.

There are lots of great discounts to be had (25% off to be exact), but I imagine that they will go quickly, so do not waste time pondering about a purchase as you could very well lose out!

Find your pair here:

And see the instore models pictured below

Contact the shop at or via whatsapp at +447706522529


Gaziano & Girling Gaziano & Girling Gaziano & Girling Gaziano & Girling Gaziano & Girling

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