Hiro Yanagimachi never ceases to impress with his array of ghillie designs, most recently having come up with a ghillie brogued boot unlike ever seen before! It’s a gorgeous pattern and you can bet when wearing these people are going to give you the positive vibes as this is truly a one of a kind beauty. My only critique is the last choice. This might be my personal preference but on a boot, I tend too not like elongated lasts. Also because a brogued ghillie is more casual per se, so a pointy last is really mixing the dress and casual. And don’t get me wrong, I love the last, but if I was commissioning them I probably would have gone for something a tad more rounded and not as elongated. But that is just my two cents. The boots are exquisite regardless and as always I tip my hat to the Hiro Yanagimachi team for making brilliant shoes!

3 thoughts on “Hiro Yanagimachi Ghillie Boots”

  1. Is there really demand for this tacky, effete and effeminate rubbish? I have been tiring of your appallingly garish taste in footwear for a while now. This isn’t the place for real men’s shoes. Time to unsubscribe. Goodbye.

    1. I look forward to your blog. If you put in half the effort as this blog you will gain my subscription… and just a tad more respect.

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