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The Details Make The Difference

There are boots, and then there are BOOTS. The pair you are seeing here, by Hiro Yanagimachi, is the latter. And you may ask yourself ‘why’? And you may dislike the color green and you may not like ghillies. But none of that matters. What matters is the attention to detail that Hiro accomplishes in his footwear. And many times, it is subtle. You barely notice it. In fact, unless you are a shoe connoisseur you may not even notice it at all. And that is the beauty of it. So often, we find beauty in things that we do not realize what makes them beautiful. It just attracts us. In footwear, often it is the shape that is the number one reason. Other reasons are the small details that separate it from the rest. Another might be color. Or style, etc.

With Hiro Yanagimachi, the shape is nearly always impeccable. So his base is nearly always covered there. But what he loves to do is go above and beyond in detail. But his models are classic so his specialty is in the intricacy of the small details that make up the pattern like stitching, the shape of a heel counter, added brogueing where it normally doesn’t go, colors that are unique etc. And this boot carries all of those intricate details that you rarely see anywhere else. I mean, when is the last time you saw a green sole edge on a classic dress shoe, or boot, for that matter? Probably never. And here it is. Elegant and classic at the same time. Mind-Bending to say. Green = elegant and classic? Not usually. But here it does.

If you really examine this boot, you see that it is flawless in every sense of the word. Perfect executed. And I love that about Hiro Yanagimachi.

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The Details Make The Difference

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