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I think that I will flat out and say that TYE shoemaker of Japan is probably making the most interesting and amazing shoes at the moment. Not only is the quality of the shoemaking beyond phenomenal (read that as perfect) but the level of design and pattern making is next level. I mean, the design of this adelaide-like oxford boot with a hovering apron stitch is simply mind-blowing. And anyone that appreciates or understands pattern making is going to understand just how amazing and perfect this boot is.

Now, of course, when you see shoes like this, it normally is good to be true that they are easily accessible and such is the case with TYE. Being bespoke makers, you either have to go to Japan or visit them on one of their trunks shows. Currently, they are frequenting Singapore at Kevin Seah’s place but for more info give them a shout.

Would love to see someone order this in a navy grain with nude stitching or something like that and with a commando sole. That would be a boot and half!!!

1 thought on “The Boot of all Boots! — TYE Shoemaker”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    It is reassuring to see there are shoemakers designing and not merely copying… Not my cup of tea these boots, but there’s a lot of details to them… That stitching looks awesome indeed.
    Pity they don’t suit my navy suits… (wink!)

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