What I always loved about Japanese Shoemaker Hiro Yanagimachi is their ability to maintain the most classic look while at the same time offering subtle details that not only set their shoes apart but shows irrefutably their level of skill in shoemaking. This boot here shows just that. An otherwise classic apron toe derby boot, but with next level handstitching. And different variations of handstitching at that!

In doing so they show the depth of capabilities here with the 3 different options shown. First, is the reverse split toe stitching, stitched on the inside of the leather between the lining and upper, allowing for a very clean seam. The second being the same in the apron and heel counter, is the joining of two pieces of leather, like a moccasin apron contruction, although this being much finer and thus more elegant. And lastly, the shaft/facing stitching that is stiched on top of the whole piece of leather creating the appearance of a seam on the surface of the leather but actually not being a seam at all.

The perfection of their work is what makes it most impressive and that is what I love about Hiro Yanagimachi. The perfection in their making abilities makes the shoes look simple yet the reality is that the subtle details they add, make the shoes anything but simple.


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