Genius Photography by Ascot Shoes

I love clever photography for shoes. It is one of my passions, to be honest. And while things look simple from the outside, seeing a shot like this by Ascot Shoes of his Kaan models by Vass, actually coming up with the ideas and the ability to carry it out is not always as simple as it would appear. This one is clever in many ways. I feel that it is quite reminiscent of a classic movie poster from the 80’s but I can’t recall which one. Also reminds me of another image of a rainy day with a bunch of black umbrellas and a colorful one that stands out in the sea of darkness. And in doing so, this image really makes the highlighted pair so much cooler. By itself, it’s unique sure, but not as eye-catching as it is when you have it surrounded by a bunch of black pairs in the same model. It really makes you take notice of the two-tone option and makes you appreciate how different it is to the common masses. For me, this is clever photography, not only for looks but for psychologically manipulating the client to appreciate the highlighted pair more so than they would by itself. Clever marketing for sure. My hat is tipped to Karl for this one!


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