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Vass shoes

Green is good! Or was that “Greed is Good”? I don’t know, but same thing!! Hahaha! I am in a cheerful mood thanks to the sun finally showing itself across the planet (of Europe) and the endorphin’s are kicking in making me unusually optimistic despite not having reasons to be. Currently I am in Stockholm, Sweden having my trunk show at Skoaktiebolaget and was discussing with the boys here the prevalence of museum calf and I asked myself, ‘does anyone use green museum calf?’ Naturally I went online to find it and if I am not mistaken this Vass shoe shown is using it, which makes one beautiful concoction courtesy of Ascot Shoes (large online distributor for Vass). I quite enjoy the fact that I am seeing more and more green shoes being made up as MTO and thus purchased. It is a great color for all year ’round really and can be quite striking when worn right. Well done to a friend of mine for choosing this colorway 😉

3 thoughts on “Green Museum Calf – VASS”

  1. Probably the most nicely done green/black two tone oxford I have ever seen! Dear Patrick, could you recommend some shoe shops in Brussels? I will soon be spending a holiday there and hope to get some nice shoes when I am there. Thank you very much!

    1. sorry I did not respond sooner. I don’t know any shops in Brussels though. Hopefully you found one or more

  2. Awesome with Green museum calf. Im having a pair of Chukka painted in green museum by the swedish patina master himself 😉

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