Vass shoes

Hungarian Shoemaker, Vass Shoes was founded in 1978 by Mr. László Vass. Even though the brand still keeps the old Austro/Hungarian shoemaking tradition close at heart they have managed to attract a wider customer base with more modern lasts and designs and quite a vast Made to Order program. This makes the range of shoes that Vass offers very impressive, and almost everyone can find models that they like (and I believe can even make a custom one if requested).

Vass shoes are often stated to be among the most price worthy in the business. They are completely handmade i.e. hand lasted, hand welted with hand stitched sole seams, and offer rare RTW features like actual leather in both heel and toe stiffeners which is otherwise mainly found in bespoke (and/or other hand lasted shoes). Their RTW shoes start off at circa 495/€572 (EU Price), and for more special MTO models the price is another 125/€144 (EU Price).

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Vass shoes in person, that would be a good reason to pop over to the London Super Trunk on May 13th 2017

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