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Suede Wholecuts by VASS

I have always loved the idea of the suede wholecut, such as these beauties by Laszlo Vass. That combination between formal style and a more casual material blended together to make quite the ultimate shoe is something that has always fascinated me. You can’t go wrong really.

When I look at this, I say to myself ‘there is nothing I could not wear this with.’ I mean, okay if we get technical you can’t put these under a dinner suit/tuxedo but other than that, there really isn’t anything else that these wouldn’t suit being complemented with. Yet why don’t we see them more often? They are hardly ever offered on a ready to wear basis and I cannot fathom why? I guess that maybe some people think well if I am going to be doing the suede thing I might as well fet it on a casual model (think chukka or brogue) so that it all harmonizes together and can be worn with jeans. But I say why can’t these be worn with jeans?

Lets break the mold and start requesting the suede wholecut!

Photo courtesy of @gentlemenclover on Instagram

3 thoughts on “Suede Wholecuts by VASS”

  1. JF, I know you’re a fan of black suede – do you think a black suede whole cut could work well with a tuxedo? Doesn’t have the mirror shine of course but I wonder if it could have a similar effect to black velvet.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Jeff, I would wear it, but I do not follow any rules. I tend to do what I find elegant. And for me, that would workd

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