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Gaziano & Girling have decided to shake things up in their brand by continuing to expand on the amount of collections they offer. First it was the Deco line, a very sharp and elegant semi handmade dress shoe that took the industry by storm with the tightest waist one has ever seen in RTW. Then it was the Fresco line, a Spring/Summer range filled with elegant loafers and whatnot. But now they make the boldest (and maybe smartest?) move of all with their new Classic Range with pricing starting at 580 ex Vat.

There has been a lot of talk in the air about this move, some critiquing G&G’s choice to go more classic and not staying true to the G&G nature, others that love it and have already copped 2-3 pairs and then the rest who just dont really care. Question is which category of critic do you fall under?

The thing that most consumers dont think about is that the world of retail is ever-changing. You consumers are extremely fickle and demanding and brands have to keep up with that to stay alive. Right now we are in the height of cheapness where everyone expects free everything and to receive it by tomorrow due to the thanks of companies like Amazon that own shipping distribution (or monopolize it) and can afford to ship anywhere for free and immediately. But not all brands are like that. Most of the brands you love are small. Margins mean something because they are not upping the retail 10x the cost price. And every penny counts to run a successful business.

Who knows G&G’s motives behind the Classic Range but as a business owner myself I think its a smart move. They are expanding the offering and reaching more and new potential clients. Particularly ones that might not be able to afford the premium G&G range but love the idea of having G&G. Every large company thats not a French designer brands does it. Its how you become a worldwide brand without LVMH buying you out. And truth be told, I plan to do the same with my brand.

So well done G&G for giving more people the option to get into a pair of wonderfully made Gaziano & Girlings. While not as handsome as the DG70 Rothschild shoe (one of my all time favorites), they are still a great looking and well made pair of dress shoes! And I would most certainly take a pair of the highlighted cap toes in what looks like a gorgeous shade of Museum Calf.

For those of you wondering how they can drop the price well all materials being the same as their other ranges, the difderence is in pretty much all in labor costs. I could, and will write a post entirely about that as I am sure some of you dont believe this but its true. All of those lovely details you find in the Deco range cost a lot of money to make purely from time. Thats why Bespoke shoes are so expensive. They arent magical. They just take a lot of time!

Happy Shopping!

Justin FitzPatrick

2 thoughts on “Gaziano & Girling – The New Classic Range”

  1. I think the bigger issue is giving Meermin a free run. While the shoe world in general laments about the rise and what Meermin “copies”, no one is challenging them. We have to wait Seasons for a new style to show up with everyone. With Meermin it’s every week. If they see it sticks, then the shoe is permanent.

    The Deco line is old. It’s been there. There’s no buzz. Point is it’s all fast fashion these days and “drops”.

    What happens when Meermin goes upmarket? They do that with some of their lines. Then they go even further, challenging the existence of brands that have found a Renaissance with the Internet. Just as we cannot talk about internet shopping without mentioning Amazon, the new business of direct-to-consumer shoes is not complete without Meermin.

    People including myself want cheap. With Meermin it is a lot easier to just buy something because it is so cheap and has the quality. With other brands it is a long decision because it’s an investment.

    There is very little point of diffusion lines unless someone competes at their price point.

  2. My budget keeps me in the Allen Edmonds or Alden range, so perhaps my opinion isn’t valid. Having said that, if I was going to step up several spots in price/quality – and wanted a classic style, I’d look first at Edward Green. As to G&G – I do like their other more modern, contemporary styles – but no matter what brands or styles I see – I cannot say with confidence I’d buy any of them (even if I was rich), because I have flat feet and a somewhat narrow heel. My first “better” pair of shoes were Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, in black calf, size (American) 9-C. Those turned out to be an excellent choice, for both fit and comfort.

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