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Gaziano & Girling has just started another MTO promotion in light of recent times, one-upping their last offer. As there is a lot of information here with regards to what is available, I am going to just post verbatim what their newsletter stated with regards to this promotion so that you get the most accurate information possible:

We are pleased to announce for the month of April we will be re-opening our Made to Order promotion, this means that any made to order taken between the 6th of April and 4th of May will be at the price of a normal ready to wear shoes and not incur the £360 (inc vat) surcharge.

During this promotion we will be adding 3 new materials.

1/ Original Cordovan in 4 colours
2/ Hatch Grain Cordovan in 4 colours
3/ African Kudu in 2 colours.

The Kudu will be priced at normal calf prices so not only will there be no MTO surcharge, but there will be no surcharge for the Kudu leather either, Kudu colours are espresso and rich chestnut.The Cordovan does have a surcharge but for this promotion we are extending a discount of 50% bringing the surcharge down to £400 (inc vat)

Both Hatch Grain Cordovan and Original Cordovan colours are :- Black, Number 8,Bourbon and Dark Cognac.
To order Cordovan or Kudu, please email


Additionally, we are offering a 20% discount on all Deco (except exotic leathers) orders for this time period. To take advantage of this discount please use code ‘SPRINGDECO

Both Made to Order and Deco promotions include all calf, embossed grain and suede leathers, along with the choice of any of our styles, lasts and soles.

To take advantage of the regular waived MTO Fee offer, please use code: ‘SPRINGMTO
Now is a great time to grab a pair of G&G MTO’s as this offers a huge savings
Stay safe everyone

1 thought on “Gaziano & Girling – MTO Fees Waived”

  1. Probably not going to take up the “offer”. Purchased from them last year but it was an extremely frustrating and unrewarding experience. For a pricey, non-essential (more want than need) purchase such as this, one should find oneself occupying the happier end of the emotional spectrum throughout the experience but I was extremely disappointed. The vibe was also one of a cold, calculating corporate entity rather than of a small, customer-oriented artisanal shop. There goes another craft-over-profit maker.

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