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Gaziano & Girling doesn’t often go on sale, but it would appear that they are making way for new things as they are discounting 4 models at a nice price of 25% off which leads me to believe they are clearing stock to make room for others!

For those that live outside of the EU, this discount puts these four models at 675 (circa $900) which is a crazy good price for a G&G mainline shoe. For those outside of the EU, well not as inexpensive, but still a good discount otherwise not found.

The unfortunate thing for some maybe the fact that they are only laced shoe models. It would have been great to see more variation in there but hey ho, that’s not my decision! Most of us wear laced shoes for work anyway.

It’s strange too as I think my favorite of the bunch is my least likely favorite ever, being the grain leather derby brogue. Normally derbys are my last choice ever. But I think that is a great shoe that could take someone many places, from work to the pub and dinner and maybe even the cinema, all in one fell swoop!

Enough rambling from me. Lots to do!

Happy Shopping



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