The Shoe Cirlce by GGDecoMan

The Shoe Cirlce by GGDecoMan

Making a good shoe circle image is not as easy as it looks. Getting the shoes to be nearly perfect in terms of distance and height/balance is challenging and if one shoe is off, it throws off the whole circle. This picture by GG-Deco-Man ( IG @ggdecoman ) is probably the best that I have seen not only for the way the the shoes were angled (as opposed to straight out) but also for the great color coordination. As you can probably gather by the name of the IG’er, all of these shoes are from the Deco Line by Gaziano & Girling, which to say the least is quite impressive. Not everyone is so fortunate enough to have a collection like this, but we all have the capabilities to make a great shoe circle image, even if with trainers!! Good photography is the key to modern day marketing/social media so it is always inspiring to see it done well and differently. Well done GGDecoMan for this great shot!

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