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Gaziano & Girling

I recently went on Gaziano & Girling’s Instagram page and noticed that recently they have been commissioning a lot of blue shoes in their Made to Order program and it was quite interesting to note how many people are requesting them. I have said it in the past that many classic shoe companies have started to introduce colors into their RTW shoe collections that 10 years ago they would have spat at the idea and see now that the industry, and client’s desires, are slowly but surely becoming more colorful and prevalent. I think that in 2017 we are going to see a surge of colors being introduced by makers who never did in the past. It’s too boring now to just offer black, brown, and tan shoes. It’s not daring enough to just have an oxblood shoe as your ‘bold’ choice. We live in the future, not the past and soon that will be shown!!


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