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Gaziano & Girling is launching a RTW stock presence in NYC early next week which is a huge step for them to gaining more traction in the US and probably one step closer to one day having their own shop in the Big Apple. But baby steps on that idea which is precisely why they have started with a showroom in the heart of the city whereby a constant presence of RTW can be seen, tried and even better, purchased. To kick off this new venture both Tony and Dean will be hosting a trunk show this coming Monday/Tuesday at 130 West 57th Street, Suite 2 C (2nd Floor). So if you have yet to see their shoes in person or simply want to get put your order in, don’t hesitate to stop by.

All questions/appts can be made

Stock models to be present on a constant basis at the showroom:

  1. St.James II TG73 v/Cherry E fit.
  2. Sinatra TG73 Black calf E fit
  3. Oxford GG06 Black calf E fit
  4. Hayes TG73 V/Rioja E fit
  5. Monaco KN14 black calf E fit
  6. Holkham KN14 Polo suede E fit
  7. Grosvenor Tg73 Conker Patina F fit
  8. Wilde Sq Deco Laguna Blue patina F Fit
  9. Grant Sq Deco Margaux patina F Fit
  10. Rothschild Round Deco beluga F Fit
  11. Burnham MH71 V/oak F fit
  12. Warwick DG70 V/oak E fit
  13. Oakham TG73 v/Oak E fit

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