The Crompton by Gaziano & Girling

The Crompton by Gaziano & Girling


Simon Crompton has been honored with an MTO model by Gaziano & Girling, giving him the name of the model that he essentially created through the bespoke program back in 2012. Simon has presented these many times on this blog and in doing so has apparently created a very sought after model for G&G customers that has subsequently been commissioned by numerous other bespoke clients. So much so that this has now been offered as a regular model with the name The Crompton. This must be a tremendous honor for Simon as it is not often that a shoe brand does this for someone, especially not a brand of this caliber.

An excerpt from Simon’s blog:

The last is the G&G standard loafer last, KN14, and as it’s MTO customers can have it in any leather and sole – not necessarily the chestnut hatch-grain leather pictured.

The price is 1,470 including VAT and shoe trees, or 1,225 without VAT. Delivery time for MTO is currently 3-4 months.

I would also like to make clear that this is not a commercial collaboration – I don’t receive anything either from covering this model or from its sales.

Enjoy this new model folks!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

Images courtesy of Permanent Style

The Crompton by Gaziano & Girling

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