Vietnamese shoe producer (for their own brand as well as many other private label brands), Fugashin, has changed shoe design with this extremely unique adelaide oxford. So much so that if one wanted to get technical they could argue that this is not actually a real adelaide as the facing piece extends to the quarter and ultimately the counter, thus not actually being a separate piece as most adelaides are. Nevertheless, no matter what you want to call this design the fact remains that it is was extremely well thought out and unique. It really pushes the boundary of quirky without going overboard to ‘extreme.’ And that is the beauty of good shoe design, in my opinion. I love to see shoemakers attempting new designs, something that truly sets itself apart without making something crass. Fugashin has done a good job at that. They came out with a boom a few years back but have gone a bit quite, at least from what I have seen. Would be good to see them gaining traction again as they make a very nice shoe!


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