A new site, Correspondent Shoes, has recently launched selling off a mix of very Italian (Branchini made), two toned inspired footwear also coupled by a select amount of boots made by British makers (Sargent) but still in tune with the idea of something very different and of two tonal nature.

I wrote about them when they first launched but saw that they have already put out a new collection of which I thought might be appealing to those of you who, like me, find something intriguing in the idea of ‘shoes done differently.’ Here you can see just how fearless they are in pushing the envelope with the only shoe really being of normal, classic nature being the wholecut oxford. Even still, its medallion detail is not your average set of punching that you typically find. For those of you that like something a bit more daring in nature, I am sure you will be very pleased scouring the website for all of the ‘different’ options that they do have.

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