The Medallion King - Hiro Yanagimachi

I love these photos by Hiro Yanagimachi where he shows his magic in these3×3 grids. As you can guess from the above and below, I am particularly fond of the medallion ones as I have always had a fascination with medallions and seeing people’s creativity come out in them. Medallions are probably the hardest thing about shoemaking. Let me rephrase that. Medallions are probably the hardest thing in shoemaking for one to completely get right. And my definition of getting right is: 1. That they are unique, 2. That that they attractive and 3. That they are marketable. Getting this tri-fectaright is very very difficult. One can make a cool design in one’s opinion, but making a cool design for many people’s opinion is really where the challenge lays. And even more so, doing that in originality as many medallions look exactly the same with minor changes.

Shall we see what people like?

Which one is your favorite in each picture?

Mine are: Top: #2, bottom: #5

The Medallion King - Hiro Yanagimachi


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