Francis Waplinger has been really honing in on his skills pair after pair that I see of this. It is actually quite intriguing to really see the increasing refinement in each pair he makes. And this pair here, just might be the coolest, at least for me.

Made in Bison leather with a storm welt and matching belt, this adeliade (that you can barely see) is one of the more intriguing and unique pairs that I have seen in a while, mainly due to the interesting texture and color of the bison hides. Those are really large hair follicles 😉 Jokes aside, it is cool to see this made up and believe it or not, does not come with an uprcharge as it is priced around the same as calkskin. Might have put a pair in myself. Maybe in the shaft of a boot? Either way, it is good to see different leathers being used and to see Francis continuing to challenge himself and refine his skills.



If you are looking for someone in America that can make you bespoke, or fully handmade shoes, then Francis is your guy. This pair was made as part of his MTO program whereby you pick a stock last/size and get a completely handmade shoe (like bespoke minus the custom last) at your design request and with his stock leather offerings, which apparently includes this bison hide. The MTO offering starts at $2400 and is a great deal for those that want a fully handmade shoe but do not desire a custom last. And more importantly, getting to support and very nice young American guy that is humble and hard working and deserves the support!

Make sure to check out his website and IG page to see what he is capable of.




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  1. Thanks so much for posting my shoes. Working with Francis was a great experience as was choosing this very cool leather.

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