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My favorite American bespoke shoemaker strikes yet again with a super cool saddle derby, wing V-cap brogue with added perforations. I have never seen a shoe like this, yet it has a very ‘old-World’ feel to it and rightfully so as Francis told me that its inspiration came from old vintage models that he was perusing. You can tell though that Francis put his twist on it though as there are certain elements here that you really did not see as much in the old days. He did a killer job with the pattern. So many small details there. And I love this optical illusion that you get on the welt with the light brown, the white thread, and the dark sole. That tri-color is not something I have seen before, not like that at least and I think that it is a really cool detail.

I realized that I am always writing about Francis. Part of me is partial to the fact that we are both from the Seattle region and went down the same path in shoemaking except he went full bespoke and I went RTW. But the real reason is that you can tell that Francis is always pushing himself and creating super cool new designs and that is what I love. It is all too easy to be a bespoke maker offering the traditional stuff, but doing so while offering designs no one else does, takes balls and I respect that. Here’s to many more cool designs by Francis and hoping that customers continue ordering these cool designs!

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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      They can be ordered in any color you want. Click the link provided in the post to contact the maker

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