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Francis Waplinger recently moved his workshop from deep-end Long Island to Brooklyn. A very smart powermove in my opinion and something that should ultimately be good for his brand and ability to grow it. Which I an pleased for as I really like Francis (we are both from Seattle) and I want to see him do well.

The reason for this post, however, is this cool new adelaide that he made for himself and wanting to touch base on what details I like about it that distinguishes it from the rest.

1. Unlike traditional adelaides that are all leather or maybe the facing is in another material, it is rare that have you suede on the cap and counter with a leather vamp/quarter. And because of that you notice the subtle detailaing of where the brogueing lies and even more so how the orangey Goat skin hide shows through beneath the punching, which is a detail I am fond of.

2. The very subtle peak tip on the straight cap. At first glance one might call this a short wing cap. But in reality the cap is very straight and simply has the peak detail added to it. Also not something you see often.

3. The Goat Skin. You dont find many makers using goat. But I think it has a very cool texture to it. Those subtle streak lines almost remind me of natural wood, when you cut it to see the core of it. I find it very appealing and would love to see it done in other shades.

If you dont know Francis already do check him out and if you feel so incline, do support him too. He is a great guy with a lot of passion.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bespoke Shoemaker – Francis Waplinger”

  1. Love the designs. I love the idea of supporting another Seattle native. Costs are a bit too high for me at the moment, but I will be circling back soon.

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