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Merrell x Collette Collaboration (Picture from Shoe Buff)

I saw a surge of this type of boot in last year’s Autumn/Winter seasons but I have a feeling that this surge is going to be an explosion this upcoming A/W season. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of hiking boots altogether, as they tend to be a bit on the chunky side, and like I have said before, having a relatively slim frame and wearing pretty slim trousers just doesn’t look that great with chunky shoes. I know that some trendy people appreciate that look, but I am definitely not one of them. But I do like this boot and it therefore leaves me in a conundrum. But then again, one can always appreciate something without ever having to own it or want it. I am not really that person either though. I usually like to have, immediately, what I like. Kind of like a spoiled kid, you know….just having a laugh, I am not really that bad. But I kind of am…

Like the whole-cut dress shoe, I love the fact that there is not really any visible stitching. It just has a very clean look to it that makes it less ‘hiking’ and more ‘smart-like’. The style of the boots you see above, by Japanese bespoke shoemaker Imai Hiroki, is probably my favorite of the whole lot. You can see here, that he blended his dress shoe making abilities with this model, as it is much cleaner looking, sleeker and more elegant than the rest. In my mind, it would be the equivalent of a dress hiking boot, having the ability to be paired with some elegant flannel trousers or something on the dress-casual end. This model, on the other hand, would look good with some slim trousers, so long as they were not skin-tight. But I can imagine that the price tag that comes along with a pair of these, might leave even the most affluent, dented in his wallet. Therefore, I would have to settle for the top pair, which would only be good for my jeans on wet and cold days.

Picture Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff; Boots by: Lanvin

As you can see here, many brands from across the spectrum of shoe companies are producing these shoes. From designer labels to Japanese bespoke shoemakers to hiking companies and trendy stores, this model is spreading and seems to be the next big thing for the upcoming years. And why not? It’s a good looking boot. One that can be blended from wearing in the snow to night out on the town, something that you normally cannot do. Most boots are restricted to casual wear (non-dress boots that is). Yet this model depending on how it is made, can go either way and I think that it’s ability to do so, is quite smart and appealing. On topic with what the latest trend is, it is always interesting to see what will be the next ‘it’ style, shoe, detail etc. within the shoe industry. Some I like, some I hate. But I can safely say, that when this boot is done right, it is quite a beautiful product and something that can definitely serve it’s purpose, especially if you live in a climate that calls for it.

Boots Below By: Calzaturificio Walles; Picture Courtesy Of: The Style Buff

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  1. Justin,

    I had started to notice this trend too and was wondering if you were going to comment on it. Chris Martin sports a pair in Coldplay’s music video to every teardrop is a waterfall. Besides being cool anyway, I think he sports them well too!


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