Vintage Boots from circa 1920’s

If you have a smartphone, you should probably get Instagram. Now, I am not one for tweeting my thoughts or updating every 5 seconds what I do in my life, but I must say that I love taking pictures of shoes, altering the effect of the picture and then sharing it….you see, the time in my day is far and few between for reading, but to simply look at pictures without having to take-in anything outside of an image is great (at least for me)! And it allows me to then show a bunch of shoes to all of you that I most likely would not put on the blog, as I simply can’t fit all of the content without having to write multiple posts/day. While I don’t work for Instagram, and this is not some sort of promotion for the sake of benefiting anyone, I do think that it is an amazing app that is great for anyone with a smartphone….so if you fancy looking at more pictures of shoes, you can always sign up and follow me @theshoesnob84, where I post about 2-3 times/day…..

Here is some of what I have already shared….

Happy Friday!!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


George Cleverley


Gieves & Hawkes Buckshot Boot

Crockett & Jones

Gaziano & Girling

Bespoke shoes I made for myself

Crockett & Jones

Gaziano & Girling

4 thoughts on “Instagram + Shoes = The Future….”

  1. Heya, Justin.

    The problem with Instagram is wide-spread: too many users opt for artsy picture filters that destroy true colours. I can’t be the only shoe nerd who wants true colours.


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