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The color red is so underutilized in the shoe industry, but can truly create some of the nicest pieces of footwear. Take these boots at top for example, they are absolutely amazing and are so due to their color. I mean, the black ones below are nice too but don’t stand a chance when put next to red ones. I guess it’s a tough color to get right though….too bright and no one would wear them, so you have to have some skills in leather coloring to give it more of this antiqued look, which helps to tone it down and make it a lot more versatile. But when you are able to do this, it truly makes a color that I believe to be better than most. Not only would these look amazing with jeans but would pretty much look amazing with anything really, at least in my point of view. And to top it off, there are not many boots that look better than a nice brogued one done right. Having a sole that’s a bit thicker than your average dress shoe, but not so thick that it looks chunky, gives it just the right look to boost its versatility sky high. My hat is tipped to Mr. Imai Hiroki for this one!

2 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Imai Hiroki Brogue Boots”

  1. Wow! I’m not sure I’d wear them, but maybe just put them on a shelf to look at!

    I’m wondering if they were inspired by your caricature above!

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