My favorite sock suppliers have recently undergone a big revamp of their company, not only by nearly doubling their selection of beautiful socks, but even more impressive by opening up their own lovely boutique in the wonderful city of Paris. Much like myself, the individuals at Mes Chausettes Rouges are a group of young, driven individuals of whom I believe are leading the way not only in sock offerings but also in customer service & execution of entrepreneurial progress. I love what they do and what they offer and look forward to maintaining our relationship to see what great things they come up with next as well as being excited for our plan to offer an event involving the two of us, within the not-so-distant future….If you, like me, appreciate some nice sockwear, then I suggest you peruse the new offerings that MCR have to offer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. And even better, if you happen to be in Paris, see the shop and meet the wonderful individuals making it all happen!

For those that couldn’t care less, please see your fix of shoe porn below…..

Spigola by Koji Suzuki

Saint Crispins, courtesy of Jaunty Flaneur


Imai Hiroki (as well as below)

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