Shoes Of The Week

Being from Seattle and America for that matter, I have never really needed to own any protect-your-feet-from-snow type of shoes. I have always liked the idea of these types of shoes but was always put off by the chunkiness of them, not really being a big fan of the clunky looking soles that they tend to have. But now I live in England and with the way the weather has been changing, I fear that I am in great need of a pair of this type of shoe. What you may not know about Europe if you have never been there, is the fact that you spend way more time outside than the average American, at least for travel. It’s much to small to always get in your car and drive to where you need to go. Most of the time you find yourself walking there or taking public transportation. And that means that you are much more exposed to the nasty weather that comes about.

This year has shown a big trend in the popularity of these types of shoe and while Red Wing, in my mind, is the catalyst behind this look, my favorite model that I have seen thus far is the one above and below by Cole Haan. While it has all of the same aesthetics as all of the other models, I feel that it looks much more sleek. Maybe that’s just me or the fact that the picture is doing the shoe great justice but when I saw this pair, I wanted it bad!!

Shoes Of The Week

Shoes Of The Week

It ended up being like 8 inches of snow fall (20 centimeters) and I was shit out of luck without any proper shoes!!


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2 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week”

  1. hay ๐Ÿ™‚ i just saw your post in IFB’s new blogger thread so i decided to drop by ๐Ÿ™‚ nice blog you have here. awesome shoes you are talented! have a fabulous day/night!

    F. ( xx

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