A suede shoe is usually seen as your more casual option of footwear as the rough texture doesn’t lend itself to a shine or a sleek look like calfskin does. But for me it also matters the pattern of the shoe. This very sleek diamond cut cap toe adelaide by Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget to me is very dressy looking. I would put this under any suit and think that the man wearing these is just as sharp as a guy with the same suit and a pair of shiny calfskin shoes. The pattern mixed with the last shape is just about perfect, if not more than perfect for this model and in this color/material. Had this been on a round last it wouldn’t have gone so well together. And that is the beauty of someone who has vision in putting all of the details of the shoe together. The guys as Skoak did a great job with this one, coming up with the right last to put this pattern on and a great color of suede to use to really accentuate the design of this shoe. All of these small things that most don’t ever really think about actually matter a lot to how good the final product looks. Well done for this one fellas!

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