Enzo Bonafe
Enzo Bonafe

I always love to see the new models and colorways that Skoaktiebolaget are coming out with for their super cool shop. Although they played it quite safe this A/W with mainly shoes in tones of browns, black and a few burgundy, some of the choices are quality in terms of style. I really love the whiskey cordovan that they used on many of their Enzo Bonafe models. It has a richness that I have not seen in many other shoes and I can only imagine that it will sell extremely well. I also quite like the ostrich button boot even though I have never been a fan of ostrich leather. Something about it paired with grain and being a button boot really gives it a look that I feel has never been done before. It’s unique. That’s what I love about it.

And that burgundy chukka boot! WOW!

Happy Shopping

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