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Its always refreshing to see brands stocking a good pair of burgundy shoes. I am not talking about the safe color of oxblood or plum, I am talking about a bright and bold burgundy shade of leather. One that is on the verge of red rather than the opposite and darker spectrum of that shade. Burgundy is a captivating color that for me commands the eye and always leaves people in awe and admiration especially when standing out from the sea of black shoes. And while burgundy oxfords are far more prevalent than say 10 years ago, its still not something that has become so synonymous with footwear that you see it on a regular basis, because lets be truthful, you don’t. Question is, will we?

Well as long as shoe shops like Skoaktiebolaget keep ordering them, and brands like Enzo Bonafe keep making them, you never know, burgundy might give orange a run for its money and become the new black. All puns aside though, there aren’t too many things more beautiful than a nice pair of burgundy shoes and its always nice to see a bit of variation in there with that touch of grain leather.

New in stock is this attractive oxford by Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget. Get on it!

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