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I am bit pressed for time today as it is my first full day in NYC and I need to get ready to head downtown to check on my shoes and do my rounds of visits to the various shops that I like. But I thought that many of you would appreciate these lovely photographs by Skoaktiebolaget of their various Enzo Bonafe MTO’s. I particularly like the brown suede adelaide brogue with scarlet red lining. That was a nice yet subtle touch. Just hope the guy that ordered it realizes that all of his socks will now get red stains!! Just saying as I did the same thing once and my socks suffered for it!

900x900px-LL-f83cc750_Enzo-Bonafe-2475MOD-Lama-Cola-01 900x900px-LL-2f54fb72_Enzo-Bonafe-2687-Vitello-Bleu-Grey-Suede-01 900x900px-LL-9c84c2c7_Enzo-Bonafe-3200MOD-Vitello-Bolet-02 900x900px-LL-a5833b0b_Enzo-Bonafe-3200MOD-Aubergine-Calf-01 900x900px-LL-b9082bf7_Enzo-Bonafe-3930-Aubergine-Calf-01 900x900px-LL-789353ad_Enzo-Bonafe-3922-Vitello-Meleze-Lama-Ebano-01 900x900px-LL-5479d233_Enzo-Bonafe-3540-Black-Calf-01 900x900px-LL-498c1fb1_Enzo-Bonafe-3540-Cordovan-Color8-01 900x900px-LL-385a7bb1_Enzo-Bonafe-3540-Black-Suede-01 900x900px-LL-97f49b0d_Enzo-Bonafe-3922-Lama-Bulgaro-Hidro-Oceano-01 900x900px-LL-68a74c25_Enzo-Bonafe-3540-Museum-DarkBrown-Hidro-Jasper-01 900x900px-LL-4f04d07f_Enzo-Bonafe-3540MOD-Black-Calf-Bordeaux-Suede-01

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