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Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration!
Making a good website is hard and it takes a lot of work. There are a million and one ways to do this too, so picking the right one for your company can also be complex. The idea of a good website (being e-commerce) should have two things in mind: 1. allowing for a seamless transaction for the client (i.e. buy shoes easily) and represent well your product/service through good description/photography. And you wouldn’t believe how many people get it wrong (even my own sites need a good refresh). The problem is that making a really good website that has a lot of info on it not only takes a long time to create that content but good IT people to make it all fluid and sometimes can cost you upwards of 20,000 (or even more depending on the size of your company and complexity of your system i.e. Amazon, imagine how much it cost to make that!)

Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration! Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration!

That bring us to the new Crockett & Jones website which is among the nicest that I have seen in the shoe industry. There is so much content on there, useful stuff too, and I love all of the Hero Images that they made. It shows that they put their all into the website too as I really don’t see one detail missing, except the fact that you cannot yet buy directly off of it. But I am quite sure that they are probably working on launching that too as it only makes natural sense to start selling direct to clients since they have the reputation/demand, capacity to make stock easily and for the fact that they are simply one of the most sought after dress shoe on the market.

And as my own brand grows, what I love is that this gives me some good inspiration to what can be done, if done right and I applaud them for that.

So if you haven’t yet checked it out, I suggest you give it a spin and see for yourself, what a great shoe website looks like!

Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration! Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration! Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration! Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration! Crockett & Jones 'New Website' - An Inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones ‘New Website’ – An Inspiration!”

  1. Michael Gordon

    The new website seems to be creating some problems: it’s no longer possible to visit inventory in various countries (e.g., they offer some shoes only in France; one can’t view them unless your computer’s IP identifies itself as being in France). Also, subscriptions to the newsletter seem to be not working, even for folks in London who work for C&J. However, there are some really nice features: ability to maintain a “wish list”, information about lasts,, etc.

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