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The greatest power a brand can have in today’s social media is the ability to have other people freely promoting their products. And with the way that social media works in today’s world every brand has this opportunity to take advantage of, if they can do it right. Crockett & Jones has had a major impact on social media, namely Instagram, with this and the sheer amount of customers that not only wear their shoes but love to promote them on IG. And on top of that, their customers take great photos of the shoes too, almost as if all of them are professional photographers. Jokes aside, I am sure that this is a major factor to any brands current success in the modern world of constant social media and everyone one being glued to their phone, swiping down and finding out what everyone else in the world is doing/wearing/saying. This new stage of promotion is very interesting and makes me curious to know what the next stage of modern day marketing/selling will be like. Let’s see!!

Well done to C&J to capitalizing on this and well done to their customers who often take great photos!!

2 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones – Customer Endorsements”

  1. Hello, speaking of quality leather, I’ve a beautiful pair of burgundy Prada shoes but every time it rains the leather puffs up and starts looking a little sort of like ostrich leather, or like leather with some sores. Is this all correctable.

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