Loake New 1880 Export Grade
Photo Courtesy of Loake Website

I have never been the biggest supporter of Loake, not because they can’t make a good shoe, but mainly because of their prevalent use of bookbinder leather on their lower end lines as well as a general lack of anything but classic models. There was never anything that jumped out at me and made me think, ‘wow’. Their 1880 line I always found was a good value for money and a great entry point for anyone that wanted a welted shoe with decent make at a great pricepoint that could not yet afford to jump into C&J and the like. But now it would appear that Loake is taking it one step further and adding another higher end line called the 1880 Export Grade which seams to be competing against the likes of C&J benchgrade, Cheaney and the like.

I have yet to see one in person and while they are still sticking to very classic models that don’t excite me at all, I am sure that this will be a good thing for the brand and for the people as they now have yet another option in the 300 pound range.




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6 thoughts on “Loake New 1880 Export Grade”

  1. I have a couple of pairs of Loake Chelsea boots which are awesome. One pair I have had for 15 years and the other 18 years, so incredible value for money, they still feel and look good and attract many positive comments. Of course I look after them and that’s why they have probably lasted so long but I’m sure it would also have something to do with the quality of the shoe. I’d be interested in knowing which Loake models you talked about that use bookbinding leather and what are the problems with its use. Cheers David

  2. Bought 4 pairs ,all 4 destroyed my feet, the soles did not last more than 6 months including those made in England.
    Total cost : 600£
    Avoid at all costs!!!

  3. BL, if they didnt last more than 6 months I would strongly advise you havent been rotating your shoes or looking after them. If they hurt your feet then this is not down to the quality but that those last shapes simply weren’t suitable. I am sure they would not be a highly reputable manufacturer if your statements were correct. I have some Loakes along with many other brands, they stand up very well for the money.

  4. got 7 pairs of loakes boots and shoes i wiil buy nothing else but loakes very good english made shoes i always get comments on my shoes wheni am out dressed you need to look after them i use shoe trees for all of them and keep wll polished an in their boxes when not in use you cant beat good english made shoes / you et what you pay for.

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