Most Instagram†accounts are simply a makeshift attempt at uploading random photos, quite hardly ever with a theme used to present the account. But Crockett & Jones is one of those that proves that with thought, effort and a good customer base, one can put together a very well present Instagram account that has cohesion and elegance. And C&J is hitting that on the head in every aspect, from immaculate photography, to beautiful artwork and an amazing collection of customer photos.

But making a good IG account is not easy. It takes time, effort, patience, a huge customer base, money (for certain things like paying artists, in this case†Jonny Leighart) etc. You cannot just slap a bunch of photos down (guilty as charged) and expect to grow at an exponential rate these days. With IG’s algorithm you have to make it worthwhile for customers to view, comment and spend time browsing your page. At that point IG will see that you are a ‘well liked’ account and put you at the of people’s feeds and in the ‘discover’ section. And from there it is a like a trickle effect to only grow more providing you upkeep the great content.

Crockett and Jones has done just that and in such a short time and in only 771 posts, have amassed a following of 122K. Impressive to say the least. Surprising? No, because look at the amazing content!

Well done C&J!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob!

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