Cool Imagery by Corthay

Cool Imagery by Corthay

Being creative is always fun, especially when you do a good job at it. Like myself, Corthay seemed to also have had a website revamp in the not too distant past and I quite like their theme of using hand drawn artwork. It makes it feel fun and a lot more approachable as a brand. The whole site is quite nice really and the use of a ton of ‘hero’ imagery really works well with the comic book like feeling of the drawings.

Well done Corthay!

I am off to Spain tomorrow for 24hrs so probably won’t be able to get to the blog for the next 2 days. Will try and keep up the social media sites though. And for those that emailed me months ago and still have not received a reply, please don’t think that I am not going to do so….just that I have been in a never-ending spiral of catch up since the beginning of the year. But the company will be growing soon (in number of employees) so hopefully will be able to crack down and catch up! Thanks for bearing with me.


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  1. We wish You a lot of success in Your business Justin, I cross fingers for the new future of Your company in a new dimension… 🙂

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