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I was visiting the recent Corthay trunk show at Leffot and saw lots of new things on the table and collection at Corthay which was nice as I felt that they were slow to bring out new collections. And apparently they have a new US distribution and Showroom here in NYC in the hopes to vamp up the brand. Head of this operation is Randy Ferdergreen and it will be exciting to see the new shoes that come to the US market such as the highlighted balmoral oxford. Another new addition is the gradient patina directly below that offers a new way of doing patina at Corthay with a light toe, going darker and darker until the heel cup. If you are NYC based, or happen to visit, then pass by the new showroom at:

NYC Corthay
445 West 23rd St. #1BB
NYC — 10011
Tel: +1 (917) 945-1881

Happy Shopping and a great weekend to all!

Justin FitzPatrick

Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC Corthay NYC


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