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Making a medallion for your shoes is not easy, let me tell you. Not only for the fact that it has to fit a certain confined space but also has to be (‘should be’ for the sake of brands with less integrity) something that is original. The only problem is that it is hard to make it original, attractive and well fitting to your toe shapes. We recently hired a new person in the company (well about 6 months now) and they were curious in having a go at making some potential medallions for future here. And here they are. Some of them look nice but am not so sure how they would fit on the shoes. The one above is my favorite but am still interested in what you all have to think. So let me know, which is your favorite?


medallion trial trial2

8 thoughts on “Contemplated Medallions”

  1. The first is great but I’m wondering if a little touch of disbalancing such as the third one wouldn’t be less conventional and therefore appealing ;-)?

  2. What about the concept of a medallion made of two parts, looks like an asymmetric design on each shoe separately, but when the pair is together, the complete design can be seen.

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