Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign

The Carreducker duo are back at it again with another campaign to get a new RTW product off of the ground and running. The latest model is a bit more mainstream than their previous slipper collection as it consists of the classic chukka styled desert boot so famously popularized by Clarks, yet interpreted by Carrducker from one of their bespoke models.

Coming in an array of colors and leathers (vegetable tanned calfskin, suede and nubuck) there is an option for literally anyone (although I would have added a navy option myself). The boots are made here in England in a small workshop in Suffolk using the stitch down method of construction. What that means is that the upper leather is stitched outwards, on top of the welt in order to create more of a waterproof like seal so that there is no weakness between the welt and the upper for water to seep through. There are two sole options, one in crepe and the other in this X-Lite rubber sole that weighs virtually nothing.

The retail price will be set at 265 but there are still plenty of slots to get them from as low as 180.

Should you be interested in supporting this campaign, please see the link below

Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign Carreducker 'Barkan' Desert Boot Campaign


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