Normally I am not a fan of Camouflage clothing. I can appreciate it but I wouldn’t typically dream of wearing it. These camouflage sneakers by Altan Bottier, however, are next level.

As they blend the idea of patina with camouflage, you get a very different outcome than your typical camouflage rendition of the camo look. The darkened nature of the trimming of the shoe allows for a softer Camo look and that is what I like about it. It softens that look so it is not so strong which I think was a smart move by Altan as this will inevitably open them up to a larger consumer liking of the product. Just as it did for me.

I can imagine these being super comfortable too. The wholecut pattern on that classic cushioned sole seems like a win-win in the comfort zone. And blending traditional sneaker construction with top level calfskin from the dress shoe world is also a smart move.

The only issue I am having is knowing which one I like more?!!

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